Special Message to Awesomeliciousers!

Hey there, Awesomeliciousers (awesomelicious+users), we need your feedback, quick!

Scroll through the posts; do you notice anything different about some of the latest recipes? Yup, these are new recipe formats. 😀

  • What do you think of them? Do you prefer these or the old ones on the home page and on their own URLs? Should all the next ones be in the same format?


Another quick question:

  • Are you guys okay with the extract format (there are no full posts; just extracts) on the home screen but full recipes on their own URLs, or do you prefer to go through the whole recipe as you scroll through the blog?


We’d SERIOUSLY LOVE your feedback, so that we can make awesomelicious as comfortable to use as possible! Give us your answers in the comments below 🙂





We'd love your feedback! Leave a reply?

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