Awesomelicious Updates

So, we’ve got some absolutely awesome*licious* updates for y’all. Read on! There’s something for everyone!


Awesomelicious on the list of Top Food Blogs on (click the picture to redirect to!). screenshot-by-nimbus

I bet you’ve all seen the new widget on our sidebar –>Top food blogs 😀

Next, The Awesomelicious Foodies’ Blog Contest 2014! Motivated by our aim to spread the awesomeliciousness of food and cooking, we’re holding a Blog Competition! Nominate an AMATEUR food blog, be it your own or someone else’s, by June 14, 2014! Click here to read the rules and fill out the nomination form! We’re super-excited to be hosting this competition, and hope you are just as enthusiastic as we are! :))

screenshot-by-nimbus (1)


At Awesomelicious, April 2014 is officially Chilled Beverage Month! We’ll try to post at least one cold beverage recipe each day throughout the month to keep you feeling fresh and cool. If you have any recipes, pictures, feedback etc, feel free to email us at, or become an author.


And a reminder: We’re looking for admins! Admins present on awesomelicious before April 30th, 2014 will get a chance to judge the Awesomelicious Foodies’ Blog Contest 2014 too! So fill in this form here to become one!


Oooh, oooh, and I almost forgot! The blog has been featured in The News International’s Us Magazine! Here’s the photo:

And the screenshot of the online version (click it to view it fullscreen)screenshot-by-nimbus-magazine-thenews-com-pk-mag-detail_article-asp

Other than all that awesomelicious news, we’ve got new widgets, a brand new recipe format for recipes posted on the blog and other tweaks we’ve made. Don’t forget to visit our Tumblr newspaper!


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