We can’t help it; it’ soo awesome! Very easy to use. Love the layout! No signing-up required.

What’re we talking about?

The new widget, of course!

With the new chat widget, awesomeliciousers can now converse, and spread the awesomeliciousness! But of course, there are certain rules:


1. NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE! If spam, inappropriate pictures, inappropriate names or inappropriate text is entered, you will be removed, reported and action WILL be taken against you!
2. Be kind.
3. No adverts for your websites or blogs, please!
4. This tool is for friendly conversations with other foodies and awesomelicious users. Please do not misuse it.
5. Try not to be off-topic.

Chk it out on the sidebar! Tell us what you think of it 🙂 And PLEAASE join in or I’m so joining to go crazy conversing with myself! xD


We'd love your feedback! Leave a reply?

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