Awesomelicious News

We’ve got some very exciting stuff to tell youu!! Read on about our Google+, a blog carnival and the blog contest results! 🙂

1. Our Google+!

Our posts are now connected to Google+ as well! Follow us here.

2. The Awesomelicious Nonprofit Blog Carnival: July-August

Awesomelicious is hosting a nonprofit Blog Carnival for July! Tell us about your biggest mistake and what it resulted to, in the kitchen. How did it work out in the end? The carnival is on the 18th of August, 2014! For all the details, rules, and how to enter, click here.

3. The Awesomelicious Foodies’ Blog Contest, 2014, results…

…will be announced very, very soon, by the 17th of July probably. We’re experiencing some technical problems with the blog, but they’ll be over soon. The judging is done! 😀 Next year, you will be able to enter blogs along with WordPress ones too =D If you don;t remember the prizes, here they are. Yes, we added some stuff 🙂 :

  • First Prize: Special WordPress Widget —- Blog Review —- RSS Feed of winning blog on awesomelicious —- Awesomelicious Admins as followers —- Added as a permanent admin on awesomelicious —- Image promoting winning blog on our sidebar
  • Second Prize: Special WordPress Widget —- Blog Review —- RSS feed of winning blog on awesomelicious —- Awesomelicious admins as followers —- Added as admin on awesomelicious for 2 weeks
  • Third Prize: Special WordPress Widget —- Blog Review —- RSS feed of winning blog on awesomelicious  —- Awesomelicious admins as followers


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