About Us

Want to make a mouth watering dessert? Or a quick and quirky dish for dinner? Or want to get inspired by some pictures? Well then, awesomelicious is the place for you, whether you’re an aspiring tween chef, or a fully grown adult, or a grandma of 3, awesomelicious has it all! But no, awesomelicious is not just about recipes! It’s about the love of food, the love of eating, and the love of cooking! We have jokes, competitions, guessing games, and a whole lot of other fun! And above all, we update regularly!

All our recipes are tried and tested. To send us your contributions (which include recipes, pictures and feedback 🙂 ), email us on awesomeliciousrecipes@gmail.com. Please, be sure to add your name or nickname, and if you want, your city/country, age and gender.
Find out more about contributing and feedback here.

Meet our admins, Cookie and Pasta! Look out for recipes with Cookie’s name under them! It means that the recipe will make a scrumptious dessert or sweet dish! And if the post had Pasta’s name underneath, you’re about to make a luscious savoury dish!

Happy cooking! Stay Awesomelicious!

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I got to know about this blog via the Cyberia section of Us Magazine. I checked it out and it looks awesomelicious ;D Keep up the good work. I might even pause in the middle of salivating over a recipe and actually try it out…


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