Hang tight, and keep those fingers crossed!

Okay guys! Judging is about to begin for the Awesomelicious Foodies’ Blog Contest, 2014! Once we’re done with this, more recipes than ever, promise. 😉

We got an overwhelming amount of entries, so it may take a while, but the results will be announced soon! Hand tight and good luck! May the best blog win! 🙂


Well, I’m baaack! I’ll try to post my latest recipes ASAP!

Also, last 9 days of the Awesomelicious Foodies’ Blog Contest 2014! Nominate your food blog NOW! Try not to wait till the last day (June 14th). Do you know any awesome food blogs on WordPress? Ask them to nominate too! 🙂 The more, the merrier!


Any requests? What recipes should I post?