Awesomelicious Amateur Foodies’ Blog Contest 2014: RESULTS!

Guys!!! The results for the Awesomelicious Amateur Foodies’ Blog Contest 2014 are out! Check them out here. ^-^

Thank you, all those who participated! It was appreciated. A lot.



Recipe Competition!

Omigosh, this looks good, right? What do you think of when you see it? Any ideas on how it was made? Today, I’m not TELLING you the recipe. Instead, YOU’RE telling ME.
If you’ve made this before, or tried your very own recipe, share it with us by emailing us on
Please, make sure that you DID make it. Any pictures from the internet (although this one was taken from there ;)) will be disqualified.
Best recipe and picture will be posted on the blog, with your name. You MAY also get what we call “authorship“. So get trying, testing, cooking and sending today!
 Last date: 24th October 2013!

Woot! Stay awesomelicious, and good luck!