Results – 2014

The results for the Awesomelicious Foodies’ Blog Contest 2014 are finally here! We received an overwhelming amount of entries, and each one of them were awesomelicious.

All entries were manually judged by our judges. Your blogs were judged on the basis of regular posts, design, passion, writing style, navigation, spelling, grammar, images, title, “About” page and so on. It was very hard to choose the winners, since all of your blogs were soo good! Thank you to all those who entered. 🙂

And now, the top 3:

At First Place: At the Corner of Happy  and Harried

At Second Place: Tagsales Tastes

At Third Place: The Hobby Chef


Congratulations to all winners! Here are the prizes which will be awarded to them soon:

  • First Prize: Special WordPress Widget —- Blog Review —- RSS Feed of winning blog on awesomelicious —- Awesomelicious Admins as followers —- Added as a permanent admin on awesomelicious —- Image promoting winning blog on our sidebar
  • Second Prize: Special WordPress Widget —- Blog Review —- RSS feed of winning blog on awesomelicious —- Awesomelicious admins as followers —- Added as admin on awesomelicious for 2 weeks
  • Third Prize: Special WordPress Widget —- Blog Review —- RSS feed of winning blog on awesomelicious  —- Awesomelicious admins as followers

We’ll be back next year! Also, Blogger blogs will be allowed to participate to, next time. Meanwhile, check out our Blog Carnival here.

Once again, thank you all for participating!

Stay awesomelicious!


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